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Red tape gets in the way of everyday life. Learn what we’re doing about it and find out how you can help.

Working better for people

Red tape causes frustration, delays and complication in everyday life. It can be overly complex government forms, regulations or processes that just don’t work for today’s world or just take too long.

Our goal is to get out of the way. We’re doing this by offering more services online and improving wait times at ServiceOntario. For example, in November 2018, we launched hunting and fishing licenses online. You can now buy your outdoors card and licenses without visiting ServiceOntario.

We also announced in August 2019, that the government will standardize across the province what goes in your Blue Bin. So, when you’re ready to dispose of your coffee cup and its lid, you know where to put them, whether you’re at home in Brampton, at work in Toronto or with the family at Science North in Sudbury. Right now, a paper coffee cup goes in the garbage in Toronto, but in the green bin in Hamilton and the blue bin in Markham. We’re working to have one standard across the province. Simplifying these rules will make it easier and more efficient to process our waste.

These are just a few ways we’re cutting red tape and making life simpler and easier for Ontario families.

How you can help

How can we make government work better and smarter for Ontario families? Share your sensible and practical idea to help us put people first.

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Ontario's Housing Supply Action Plan lays out the government’s plan to cut red tape, tackle the housing crisis and help build more homes that meet the needs of people in every part of the province.

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